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O Fallon, MO
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Re: [Equipment] For Those Looking for an Atom Based PC For Aster

I got a bunch of thin horizontal lines at the top, and "static" on the bottom. I'm still kicking this box around. I added Sugar CRM, IncrediblePBX3, and IncredibleFAX2 - so far it hasn't blinked. Right now, I just have the fax DID, a Google Voice DID, and 1 residential DID on the system with 2 extensions.
...because I care.

Windermere, FL
·Bright House

Out of sheer frustration, I ordered one of these »www.amazon.com/ZOTAC-Intel-Bareb···1&sr=8-1

The prices have sky-rocketed, but my entire system was around $250 with 8 Gig memory and hard drive. My old PIAF was on a quiet Lenovo Q100 but I got the famed message 'no longer supported" message. I did a reimplementation of PIAF on the Zotac and went live today after running load-n-soak for about 2 weeks. This box runs a bit warm, but screams. The Q100 will be re-imaged with PIAF and I may reinstate that as a production box; not sure yet.

I'm in deviceandenduser mode with 16 devices and 4 VoIP providers. This box doesn't even breath. The X Windows is beautiful as well, although Centos 6 applications are sorely lacking.

As far as wireless goes, I did get this box in WiFI mode. Problem is that PIAF in its native mode, does not support wlan0 fail2ban. My solution was to get one of these : »www.amazon.com/gp/product/B003KP···_details In "N" mode, the puppy still screams.

I will only use this method in the summer months in the peak of thunderstorm season (I've been hit by lightning twice), hence, I always have a backup system.