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« It's not just cox
This is a sub-selection from Screw your caps Cox.


Hackensack, NJ
reply to Kamus

Re: Screw your caps Cox.

said by Kamus:

"you downloading 20 TB a month is why companies have caps. it's called REASONABLE useage."

And yet he CAN use it and no, the sky isn't falling.

People that think that using a connection that is already there more than other people are somehow causing problems don't know the first thing about networking.

It seems like many people are falling for the propaganda the ISP's are pushing. They were already on the record complaining that Google and other content providers were making a profit off of them. If they had their way they would block or severely throttle Netflix and iTunes. Bandwidth usage is cover for their real gripe.

They are desperate to find ways to make more money off of providing a connection to the Internet.