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Advance needed concerning radio link (bridge)

hi my name is mile,

i'm doing a research for my masters and seeing I have no experience in surveillance cameras and radio links, I need an advice on what kind of radio link to use for my project.

NOTE: i didn't just opened this thread blindly, as first I took a look around the web manufacturers web site, the forum and plenty other sites as well. however when a know little about a certain topic, i always ask help from people who are more competent than me and whose knowledge in this 'unknown area' is greater than mine.

-i am using a PTZ IP camera that will be located on a mountain top (location A) and it's signal needs to be transmitted to a monitoring center (location B) where it will be viewed on a computer terminal. little explanation for those that are not familiar;
-IP means that the signal from the camera will travel through a computer network
-PTZ means that the camera can be remotely controlled from the computer terminal
-i plan to use Axis P5522-E camera, please google as i'm not allowed to post links

-the camera will be connected to AP or router, which doesn't have the necessary range, because the distance between A and B is ~20 km (~13 miles)
-here i should mention that the communication should be in two directions, the first carrying the video signal from A to B, and the second carrying the movement controls for the camera moving from B to A

-the radio link should have an affordable price >> around 150$
-i tend to keep the price low as much as possible (duh...), but it is not always my priority. so if i get something i think is a nice feature for some extra money, i'll probably pay. but i'm always looking for a deal that will get me the best value for the money i'll pay
-if someone has an idea for an alternative solution where the distance between A and B is ~150 km (~9 miles), and the communication is established through several links using several radio station, it would be great if you could share it with me.

if you have better ideas please share.
if i'm using some terminology wrong please correct me.
if you know other place where i can ask for help, let me know in your replies
if you have other more appropriate manufactures in mind, please share (i'm not sure if i'm allowed to ask this, but i hope it won't get someone mad)

P.S. i do most of my shopping on ebay, but i think other specialized web sites would have better prices than ebay in this case. Please recommend me some websites that sell camera equipment and have low prices as well.

thanks. mile

Ubiquiti Bullet with Parabolic 'grids' might work. Review 'fresnel zone' and regulations for your area before spending money. Don't buy through ebay. Start with a link across the room and then if that works deploy over distance. You MUST have Line of site + Fresnel clearance.