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« It's not just cox
This is a sub-selection from Screw your caps Cox.


Poughkeepsie, NY
reply to 88615298

Re: Screw your caps Cox.

And your missing the point. Its an entirely 100 percent fiber network with the near endless ability to expand for more bandwidth. His activity or bonding two dedicated lines has ZERO effect on his neighborhood as he can download at full speed 24/7/365 and it simply won't effect anyone , show me one cable network that isn't overloaded and poorly managed and I'll be willing to hear more. This isn't some DOCSIS 3.0 limited overburdened cable network or some highly crowded DSL copper line. This network was built to easily supply such demand and its the model network around the country. Unless you happen to have community laid and paid for fiber , FiOS is simply the best you can get (until Google starts offering 1Gbps)

Next time try a little harder in your poorly stated opinion.


Brooklyn, NY
you drank so much verizon koolaid it's dripping out of your ears.
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