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Calgary, AB

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[AB] Calgary DT BB100 only 5-10MBPS [Resolved]

Just signed up for BB100 for DT Calgary.
The speed never exceeded 10MBPS and averaged 5MBPS for the last two days. (using Shaw's own speedtest)
Pretty much unusable for movie watching, sometime even Skype lags.
I moved from Toronto and was using Teksavvy, was able to get 30MBPS consistently. I cannot go back to the dial-up experience of the past.

Could people please tell me this is only temporary??? I would imagine the DT must have a very good connection due to proximity to the backbone?

I've been waiting for Customer Support for over 2 hrs today, phone battery died before I can be connected to a real person.

What's the best way move forward? Keep trying to connect to them on the phone or drop by a retail location? (I'm close to the Shaw Court near by on 3 ave)


Calgary, AB

Re: [AB] Calgary DT BB100 only 5-10MBPS

No, that is not normal, something is going on that should be fixed.


Where you are in the city, doesn't matter as much as signal level and node conjestion.

DSL - (Teksavvy) has a very high dependance on distance, cable not so much.

Retail location won't be much help, you need tech-support.

Are you using the modem in Gateway Mode? Or bridged mode?
Yes, I am not employed and looking for IT work. Have passport, will travel.


Calgary, AB
Not sure what's bridged mode, but it's an SMC wifi modem. Can't find anything about a bridged mode in the menu (

Also something seems weird to me: When I log on to Shaw's online center, goto View My Bills, I see a balance of 34.00, but no bill. Last I checked BB100 is $80. even the cheapest option is $39, not sure where $34 comes from.

Also when I go to View Usage, the "Included Usage" shows 0.0GB

I suspect somewhere in the process my account isn't fully setup.

On the phone again this morning, been waiting for over 30 minutes. Hopefully I'll get through this time.


said by luangm:

Not sure what's bridged mode, but it's an SMC wifi modem. Can't find anything about a bridged mode in the menu (

Bridged mode skips the router and wireless and forwards packets from the modem part of the unit to the switch part of the unit without the eRouter doing any packet processing (except for forwarding the traffic from modem to switch and back). In bridged mode you get no wireless, no dhcp, no firewall, NAT, etc.

It is called Bridged mode as the networking term for how the device is handing traffic between the modem and the switch is called "bridging".

I hope you had good luck with Technical Support.


Calgary, AB
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Re: [AB] Calgary DT BB100 only 5-10MBPS [Resolved]

The last post I posted seems disappeared?

Anyways, got through to tech this morning and got speed resolved:

this is very impressive

Thanks All!


Calgary, AB

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reply to luangm

Re: [AB] Calgary DT BB100 only 5-10MBPS

Thanks all,

Finally got through technical support this morning after 40 minutes.
The tech remotely rebooted my modem and when it got back, I'm getting about 94MBPS using Shaw's speed test. (Not really sure what else he did)

Edit: just ran Speedtest.net again, using a different server, got amazing results:

Very Happy
Again, Thanks all for your help!