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« It's not just cox
This is a sub-selection from Screw your caps Cox.

the niTz
Sahuarita, AZ
reply to houkouonchi

Re: Screw your caps Cox.

said by houkouonchi:

If you look at my thread I had wget tests (single threaded) going @ over 35 megabytes/sec.

You are correct that with *connection* based balancing (not bonding) this is true (and I do this as well). The round robin (rr-balance) I am using is not connection based its packet based. This is mode 0 if the linux 'bonding' driver. It can only be done at the physical layer link (layer 2) before TCP/IP is involved.

I am doing this via VPN wich encaspulates layer 2 over layer3 (in this case UDP). The downside of this setup is it does require sending the traffic over a remote server on a faster connection than your combined total (in my case a server in a DC @ 1000/1000mbit) so it uses the bandwidth over both ends. This is because the remote servers you are downloading off of need a single IP address it can send the full connection to.

You technically only get that fat pipe between you and that single remote server (cause you need bonding setup on both ends). But once you have the fat bonded pipe you can then route through it like any other VPN/router. Technically I could even bridge the interface with a real ethernet device and not do NAT and stuff like I am currently doing.

yea i understand (and am envious of your speed)
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Ontario, CA
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said by the niTz:

yea i understand (and am envious of your speed)

Oh I missed who you were quoting. Whups! Yeah I agree that the behavior would be like what you said with pfsense.
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