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Caps stifle innovation
Gautier, MS
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Re: [Connectivity] Help: We accidentally cut our comcast HCI lin

My friend had this problem once, except it was broken in two places.

I don't know what he told them, but he apparently wasn't charged for the repair. No new cables were buried. They were out there the same day.

On that note, I will agree that 4 inches is a tad bit shallow, but there's no real mandate for how deep the cable has to be buried either.

Some years ago, one of my neighbors had cut through my telco line. I thought it was AT&T mucking about again then I saw my neighbor tilling his yard.

Long story short, I waited over a week for AT&T to get out here to fix it. It was free, but a week is ridiculous for such a repair. I had it 'temporarily' repaired until they finally showed up.

My neighbor has actually done this twice to me. He didn't know how to call 611 apparently...
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