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Very true

reply to Davesnothere

Re: Cable companies' Review and Vary of 2011-703

said by Davesnothere:

15. Third, Bell’s application of eligible conditioning costs includes the replacement of terminals at the demarcation point of customer premises or demarcation devices, sometimes known as Network Interface Devices (NIDs).

Bell has been installing NIDs on installations and repair visits for more than twenty years, and the original justification for doing so was the transferal of ownership of inside wiring to customers.

Actually, this is very true.

about 15 years ago, maybe a bit more, Bell had kids (people in training or summer students) going house to house to install these. Everyone on the street I lived on had one installed. The kids said this is Bell's new terminal which was both safer and has easy disconnects that everyone requires now. So I had them put it on the inside of the house. Mine had two test ports for two different phone lines.

So the NID thing is very true and again total bullshit. I didn't think of this. Good point.

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said by Very true :

....So the NID thing is very true and again total bullshit. I didn't think of this. Good point.

Aw shucks ! [Dave shrugs and grins ]

It was not my own observation, but I felt that it needed to be repeated here.

And another thing (which IS my observation) :

Why did we even NEED to make part of the wiring the responsibilty of the subscriber in the first place ?!

Cablecos (at least Cogeco) will wire all the way to your computer room and charge no extra, nor do they quibble about whose wiring is whose.

The whole CONCEPT of demarc points is a grandfathered CASH COW of B$ELL's, and it ought to be dismantled.

NIDs or not, it should be up to Bell to send qualified techs who know what to do and how to test. - Cablecos do that.


I don't think house wiring for phone jacks are so important anymore. With DECT 6.0 cordless phones that cost no a lot more than a corded one and support multiple handsets, there is almost no point about maintaining or even having internal phone wiring. If anything, a network jack in place of a phone outlet is more useful in the long run.