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Re: [Modem] DSL Losing Sync

I was just told that there is static on the voice line as well that wasn't there before this started. A couple of months ago, the phone line was cut when the pasture it ran across was being tilled, it was apparently only buried an inch or two. I'm told that after a couple of days of calling AT&T to get the problem fixed, they were unwilling to come out and fix it. A couple of the guys here ran outside rated cat 5e from the box outside to the nid on the building to fix it. I inspected that line (it's not buried) visually and with a tdr and found no faults, but telecom isn't my thing so I can't be sure.

I'd like to try to rule out this cabling job as the cause by checking for static at the box outside, not the nid. I'm not sure about the proper terminology, but when I was younger we had a phone with alligator clips that we called a beige box that seems like it'd work here. As I'm older now, I'm more concerned about whether that'd be legal or not. This is a very rural area and the only pair of wires connected to that punch block is our own, so I can't see it causing any harm. Any advice on how to proceed?


If you can hear static on a telephone that static can degrade the dsl signal

If there is a nid do it there
The nid is where your inside wiring starts and the telephone company wiring ends
It's not illegal to use the beige box