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Binghamton, NY
reply to MovieLover76

Re: Non-4G plans are still good enough.

said by MovieLover76:

They aren't a luxury for many people, myself included. I need to carry one for work purposes, they require that I have one.

Then I hope they are paying for it.

said by MovieLover76:

Also with all of the payphones being basically abandoned a cell phone is fairly important should you get stuck somewhere and need to make a call, it's a matter of safety for many.

However did people manage to survive getting stuck before cell phones? What happens if you get stuck somewhere without cell phone service?

Cell phones might make it more CONVENIENT if you get stuck but they aren't NECESSARY to get unstuck. As I said in my reply to the other person, those of us who live in the boonies have to be prepared for emergencies where we can't count on summoning outside help. Frankly it's a good idea to be prepared regardless; if your plan for emergencies boils down to counting on someone else to bail you out then you have no plan at all.

said by MovieLover76:

Also it seems to me that peoples lives are much busier these days, between me being out and my friends and family being out I'd never connect with people and it would be a constant game of phone tag.

That doesn't make it a necessity, that makes a convenience. There is a difference.