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No-BHELL-ity DOES have its Advantages
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reply to MaynardKrebs

Re: Primus - More Highlights about Bell's R&V

said by MaynardKrebs:

Call it what it is, rather than couching it in euphemism - THEY'RE F!CKING LYING!!

Yeah, but what if one day the lawyer who wrote the paragraph ends up working for Mirko's team, or if B$ELL buys Primus, or some other permutational variation of subordinate/superior relationship happens between the 2 companies or some of their depts ?

It's like when a lawyer/politician says "My learned colleague...."

>It's like when a lawyer/politician says "My learned colleague...."

Both of these "professions" are hated by the common folks, so may be that's the only time they get to be addressed in a polite manner?

Lawyers are hired guns. Off the clock, those guys might even went to the same law schools or worked together previously or best buddies for all we know.