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Seriously? I need voice in order to keep my DSL


I just got an email from verizon saying I needed to have local voice (I'm assuming home phone line) in order to keep my DSL service beginning in May. Seriously verizon? I'm only with your company because your the only one that offers any sort of internet in my area, and it's terrible to begin with speedwise, now you are going to make me pay more money to add a home phone line, which I will never use?
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Washington, DC
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Re: Seriously? I need voice in order to keep my DSL

Since you're posting anonymously and give no indication of where you are...you need to contact your state public utility commission and find out if Verizon is required to provide ("naked") DSL without voice service. Be certain to get the name of whom you spoke with (preferably get it in writing from them). If the are required to sell DSL without voice, contact them and tell them it is illegal.
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Thanks for the response.

I just re-read the email and I guess this is going to be the case for people getting new DSL installs. So I'm "grandfathered" in basically. Phew, sorry to jump the gun like that but I could feel my blood pressure rising!

Jack M

Lakeland, FL
It also applies if you make any speed changes to an existing account. Which I just did because Verizon had cut my speed back to 1 mb max from 3mb max without notice. They also didn't tell me that if I "upgraded" back to 3mb max I would save $4 a month. I would drop Verizon in minute if I had any other options.


Taneytown, MD
Just for reference, this is the email that I got. As long as you make changes before May 6, you should be fine. It's after May 6 that any new installs/changes will "force" you to get voice, which is a shame since I thought they were required to offer dry loop (maybe varies area to area or something changed recently?)

Dear Customer,

Thank you for being a loyal Verizon customer.

At Verizon, we are committed to bring you the best suite of products and the most current capabilities, while providing the value and quality of service that you expect. From time to time, we must make changes to our product offering to meet these goals. Beginning May 6, 2012, we will no longer offer High Speed Internet without local voice service on the same account.

What does this mean for you?

-If you currently have High Speed Internet without local voice service on the same account, there is no action required on your part to continue enjoying your internet service.
-You will not experience any disruption of service.
-Prior to May 6, 2012, you can still make speed upgrades or downgrades to your existing service.
-Prior to May 6, 2012, you can receive bundle discounts by adding DIRECTV service or Verizon Wireless service to your current internet service.

What this means if you change or disconnect your High Speed Internet Service as of May 6, 2012, or after:

-You can make changes to and retain your Verizon High Speed Internet Service on or after the above date, by adding Verizon’s local voice service to the same account.
-If you are moving your service from one location to another on or after the above date, you may subscribe to internet service at your new location if you also subscribe to Verizon’s local voice service on the same account.
-If you choose to subscribe to additional Verizon services you could be eligible for a bundled discount when you also subscribe to Verizon’s local voice service on the same account.

Thank you for choosing Verizon as your High Speed Internet service provider. We appreciate your loyalty and look forward to providing you with great service for years to come.



Jack M

Lakeland, FL
Unless they change your speed without notice and you call to change it back. Verizon told me I needed to call every 6 months to verify my service and price, what a bunch of scammers.


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I moved to dslextreme with my dry loop today.....

Better price better service.....

Jack M

Lakeland, FL
when Verizon changes their agreement with dslextreme, then what do you do?

dslextreme looks great for the first year but how much will it be after the promotion rate expires. They will only tell me it may be $5-$10 more.


Washington, DC
reply to sorrows182
Verizontal is trying to force any customer they can to pay more for FIOS.


I'd gladly take FIOS over DSL anyday if it was offered to me.


New Castle, PA
I would gladly pay twice as much ($45.99 DSL) as I am paying now if FIOS was offered here. Hell I would pay twice as much for anything that had more speed and better reliability. The sad part is my problems are caused by incompetent techs at Verizon. Its sad when DSL has been around for so many years, and they still can get a standard install right. Then, you got to wrestle with them to come out and fix it! They have something real crazy going on with my connection this time.


reply to sorrows182
In the end you can always "Vote with your feet" and leave. I am getting REAL sick of Verizon policies and regs. I think I will be leaving soon myself.


reply to sorrows182
I received the same notice and am pissed off about it. I'm currently out in the sticks, we have a remote DSLAM and I am only able to get a 3MB connection even though I'm about 4000ft from the DSLAM, verizon simply doesn't offer anything more. In the rare chance that Verizon actually does offer the 7.1 package one day, I'm going to have to buy local service that I'll NEVER use?!?! cmon. I'm going to be penalized because Verizon doesn't offer something right now... My only other choice is Comcrap, and if I had to choose between a land line and Cable, I'd probably choose Comcrap. I could understand discontinuing the program for new installations, but trying to force over existing installations is nothing more than greed.