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Savannah, GA

AT&T PTR Reverse-Pointer

We have been fighting with AT&T about PTR or reverse-dns. They are telling us that the Web Host is responsible for this, but everything we've found (and told by the web host) that the ISP is responsible for this.
AT&T says they won't do this unless they host everything.

I've seen other postings (old) on this same subject, but nothing seems to have a final resolution.

The trouble is that the site keeps getting blacklisted, and as a work-around, we've sent their email thru a Filter Service... which isn't a bad thing, but on our dime at the moment.

I haven't been personally involved, but I was asked if I've ever heard of this problem or solution to it.
Can anyone help here? Switching ISP's at the moment isn't possible.


You should post in the att direct forum for advice


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what website is this?

AT&T is hosting the site?

Raleigh, NC
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Several years ago I was able to get a FastAccess Business DSL account's PTR records updated by emailing dnsupdates@bellsouth.net, but this method may be long gone. You might want to give it a try though in case that email address has been redirected to someone who can help.

Also, try the contact methods here: »attis-dns.sbcglobal.net/

Are you trying to run an email server through a DSL connection? If so, AT&T is definitely responsible for the PTR record. However, a PTR record isn't going to address blacklisting issues in the first place. Some email servers do have strict PTR record checks so it is best if it matches what your server uses in its EHLO/HELO statement when sending mail.

What blacklist are you getting listed on? Maybe they are blocking entire subnets, in which case there isn't a lot you or AT&T can do about it (unless they terminate the service for whoever is sending spam).

Fort Lauderdale, FL
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The responsible party for providing rDNS is the one who is providing the IP address. No one else has authority to provide PTR records, but they can delegate it.

I went thru this problem with a client who migrated from a Bellsouth T1 and half a dozen copper phone lines to an ATT MIS T1 with VOIP solution.

ATT refused to provide rDNS unless they also provided the forward zone on ATT DNS servers. And they insisted that their forward zone DNS servers must be authoritative for our domains.

We refused to comply with their requirement to be authoritative for the forward zone but didn't have a problem with them running a forward zone if they needed to do that to provide the PTR records. They refused. We told them that we would terminate the account if they continued to refuse the request, and they continued to refuse.

So we terminated the account and went with Comcast Business Class Service with bundled phone that was much faster and quite a bit less expensive. Comcast provided rDNS PTR records without question, and even did it while we waited on the phone.


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If it's AT&T address space then they are responsible for the reverse DNS on your IPs. If this is a business account they can and will delegate the reverse DNS to your name servers. I've done this on /29s and larger. I've never tried to get it done on a /30 but I can't imagine why they wouldn't do it on a /30.
I do not, have not, and will not work for AT&T/Comcast/Verizon/Charter or similar sized company.

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You need to supply some specific details if you really want some help.

Without knowing who your ISP is, who your hosting service provider is, and the type of hosting account you have (assuming that the problem is related to a hosting service), nobody can provide any meaningful advice. Knowing whether it is a hosting service IP address or one of the Internet access IP addresses supplied by your ISP is being blacklisted is also required for any meaningful discussion/advice.

Is the domain for which you want a PTR record on a web/email hosting service? If so, then the hosting service will either be responsible for the PTR record (or their ISP if the IP address(es) in question are not actually owned by the hosting service). Also, your hosting account will need to have its own IP address that is not shared by anyone else (it is common for hosting services to share the same IP address(es) with multiple customers). If AT&T is your hosting service, and if your hosting account has its own dedicated IP address(es), the the PTR record setup should be automatic.

Is the domain for which you want a PTR record self hosted? Is your ISP AT&T? Is your ISP an AT&T reseller? Whatever the case, the actual IP address owner is the one responsible for PTR records.
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