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Philadelphia, PA
reply to Floppy

Re: [Bill] Comcast billing issue on the Consumerist site

said by Floppy:

Let me get this straight...adult movies ordered, multiple box swaps, parental control/pin codes are setup, credits of over $800 dollars given, yet movies are still being ordered constitutes a problem with the billing system?

You're right, of course. I'm jumping to conclusions. It could be sucky security measures as well.

But yeah, any billing system where a customer's former box at a new address results in a ding for the old customer - something several people have admitted happens - then there's definitely a monkey wrench somewhere in that system and/or process that only rears its head under a combination of conditions.

Maybe if Comcast had some skin in the game - if they endured losses for their laziness instead of just turning disagreeing customers into credit risks - they'd, you know, get to the bottom of things.

Customer has already blocked PPV, so even she gets that you have to turn stuff off one by one to solve a problem like this.


Cuyahoga Falls, OH
When I worked for Dish Network, the story from customers was the same. "

"No one in my house ordered porn. My two college-aged boys would never order that!"
Former Comcast, DIRECTV, DISH, iProvo, and UTOPIA subscriber. Now with Blue Ridge Communications.