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Oklahoma City, OK

How Long Before AT&T Does The Same Thing?

I predict within the next month...they are already trying to charge me $10.00 every time I go over 150GB of data, but so far have credited the charge back when I threaten to leave.


Toledo, OH
no next time they won't credit back to you- they'll simply tell you to go some where else.

And there is nothing stopping them from requiring a dial-tone other providers do it.

Valencia, CA
·Time Warner Cable
reply to jpkjeff
said by jpkjeff:

I predict within the next month...they are already trying to charge me $10.00 every time I go over 150GB of data, but so far have credited the charge back when I threaten to leave.

Probably not long. AT&T started offering naked DSL as a condition of the BellSouth merger. They were required to continue doing it for 30 months, and this was over 5 years ago.
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Toledo, OH
the requirement of the BS merger doesn't apply any longer as that is done and over with.

And at this point the FCC will do what ever T tells them or they'll go to court over it.

ATT will move to this next. You don't think they're going to give up that extra $20+ a month that they can have?

West Tenness
reply to jpkjeff
In my area I doubt at&t does this. We have Charter as competition. Charter is already cheaper and faster than at&t. So forcing people to also have a phone line will only push even more people to Charter.


Pompano Beach, FL
·T-Mobile US

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reply to 25139889
I beat them to the punch... well not really..

AT&T screwed up my bundled aDSL/phone service by deploying a bunch of double pair Uverse customers on my street. My aDSL S/N fell like a rock along with my data rates.

So I just dumped them both(3/15), both the Landline and aDSL are no more. Now I use wireless for both and save close to $60 a month

Android... get back here
Cleveland, OH
·AT&T U-Verse
I could've told them that this was going to happen. Multiple uVerse customers in the same bundle is going to play havoc with the S/N ratios.

DSL is picky about line conditions already, especially VDSL and ADSL on longer loops. Add in a dozen uVerse VDSL lines in the same bundle and I can't help but to think that even those uVerse lines must have some nasty S/N ratios.

Can't believe that they are going to continue with this strategy. It has epic failure written all over it. Should've went FTTH, but no... can't do that, that's costs too much. Our investors are too stupid to allow us to do that.
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Yermo, CA
reply to 25139889
Then He should, If He/She can, move to DSL Extreme, they don't require voice service, unlike stodgy old and greedy(desperate maybe?) Verizon. I pay $32.83 a month on 3M/768K service for Dry Loop DSL.

I'm in San Diego, and when I got hit by AT&T's $10 overage fee last month I dumped them and was looking at DSL Extreme, but they told me where I live I had to get a landline from AT&T, for what I have to assume are technical reasons. The numbers didn't add up, so I switched to Time Warner Cable instead.

I use a prepaid line for my phone needs, and a landline is worth maybe $5/month to me. The minimum cost of a landline from AT&T was $25/month. The DSL line from AT&T was $20/month -- and that was after I had haggled them down from $30/month -- before the $10 overage fee. TWC charges $30/month with no cap, so I jumped.

Ai Otsukaholic
reply to zoom314
No dry loop DSLx with AT&T, at least in California. You have to have AT&T voice to get DSLx here.