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[Praise] Today's Visit

I visited store #821 this afternoon to pay my April bill. In addition to processing my payment in a rapid, professional manner, Kristi, my Cox service professional noticed that my original subscription bundle had expired. She told me about the bundles that were available. I chose a one year plan that best met my needs and was subscibed in about 25 seconds. The experience, and service with a big smile couldn't have been better. Kristi was most pleasant and made the mundane act of bill paying a joy.

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Pics of Kristi or GTFO

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Pics of Kristi or GTFO

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Re: [Praise] Today's Visit

One thing OP may not realize is that the price for that previous plan was probably locked. They could not change the billing (increase the amount) until *you* changed the plan.
Now with a *new* contract, that no longer applies. One of my relatives called me last week and while we were speaking, the topic came up. His cable company (they shall not be named) had an all you can eat for one price deal that he signed up for three years ago. He was happy with it until he saw the *new* plan, which had a slightly faster internet connection speed. His new payment plan didn't change all that much (negligible increase, mostly "fees") but the shocker was six months later when they jacked up the rates to about 25% more than his old all you can eat plan. They also installed download caps.
His new contract had it all in black and white, he was now obligated to pay more for approximately the same service, just because he changed his service and restarted a *new* contract.

Buyer beware.