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reply to Skippy25

Re: Lets face it

said by Skippy25:

I'm not sure how you make this argument. Consumers have the ultimate say and eventually we consumers and the programmers will come to realize this.

You can't buy a product a company is unwilling to sell. Under the current arrangement ESPN is making nearly $4/mo in subscriber fees from 110 million pay TV subscribers. Do you honestly think Disney is going to rock that boat?

said by Skippy25:

The fact they have people like you coming here and claiming otherwise shows just how distorted this entire industry has become.

Yes, clearly because I think that companies will want to continue making money I must be working for the media industry.

said by Skippy25:

Provided the trend continues programmers will be killing off channels and trying to keep their core channels relevant.

Please name any number of channel reductions in the last decade that would lead you to believe this to be true.

said by Skippy25:

A la carte, regardless of what all of the anti a la carte people claim, will lower a vast majority of the prices for people and the good will quickly get separated from the bad and wasted channels and air time will quickly disappear.

Which wasted channels are you talking about? Channels like the home shopping network and QVC that PAY to have their channel carried, and hence result in subscriber bills actually being lower?


Hazelwood, MO

Obviously I was speaking of changes to come, not the past. But of course in your blind defense of how things are and how they should remain the same you missed that.