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Re: Makes the cable company happy's more like leasing the medium (the outside plant). They want to be compensated for maintenance on the outside plant, same as the phone company. It's just that telcos are IMHO a lot more greedy about it, and rake in all that FUSF money. Not only that, I was pretty sure their rates are regulated (at least in NYS). I can't imagine Verizon for example would charge less than the ceiling price.

My memory is a bit fuzzy on it, but I recall the voice service was on the order of $35 for me. But that was probably in my era where I had flat rate service, because that was when I first got DSL, and was still making modem calls. It was somewhat less for pay-per-call, perhaps $25. This was before Verizon offered dry loop DSL, so voice service was required. (Eventually they pissed me off, and I went Adelphia Power Link (which became Roadrunner).)
English is a difficult enough language to interpret correctly when its rules are followed, let alone when a writer chooses not to follow those rules.

Jeopardy! replies and randomcaps REALLY suck!