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Dover, AR

wrt54g as an access point

I have an old wrt54g router set up an access point at the far end of the house from the main router. It is running dd-wrt v24 beta. While the wired devices on it run great, it does not see wireless devices. Is a setting off somewhere or am I back to square one?


Port Jefferson, NY
You should connect port 1 on your WRT54G to the main router. You should disable the DHCP server on your WRT54G, disable NAT routing. You will not see any wireless devices on the WRT54G, since there are no DHCP clients and the DHCP server has been disabled. It is an access point only. The question is, whether or not any wireless devices can connect to it, not that you can see wireless devices connected to it on its own interfaces. Your main router is the DHCP server and should show any wireless devices connected to your WRT54G.


Dover, AR
Maybe I did not make myself clear (wouldn't be the first time). By 'see' I meant that the laptop would not connect via the access point. I had disabled wireless on the main router for testing purposes. However, I checked all the settings and rebooted both routers (again) and now it's working great.

Thank you for your time.