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Brooklyn, NY
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reply to FFH5

Re: all about the money!

said by FFH5:

said by tmc8080:

It is a business. It was always about the money.

Verizon knows damn well they conceded that dry loop DSL would still be on the table (for themselves & for co-location) for non-fios regions as precondition for allowing them into many *EXCLUSIVE* markets with FTTP without such conditions. Backtracking on this commitment should put recent wireless anti-competitive actions in the crosshairs for DOJ investigation based on recent spectrum purchases/alliances with cablecos.

Sometimes you follow the money and it leads to a trail of anti-competitive behavior not worthy of customer loyalty.

** Verizon should lose their *EXCLUSIVE RIGHTS* to it's current footprint for hanging an alternative broadband build! For example, google can take their 1gbit service and move east into West Virginia, Virginia, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Upstate NY, NJ, Ct.. etc.