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This is a sub-selection from Bleh


Titusville, FL
reply to JustSaying

Re: Bleh

I could write a book on my daily adventures with ATT. I hate/lothe ATT and love every time I can take business away from them. If they are not going to staff competent and ethical (mostly cellular, corporate stores) employees, they are not doing a service to me, the customer. Trust me, when I find a competent and ethical ATT employee I keep them in my Rolodex. I usually get my cellular service and equipment from a business cellular rep I have in my Rolodex. Every time I go to the corporate store they screw up in some manner or complete add things to our accounts in a unethical manner. Calling for new landlines and/or Internet service through the United States for ATT is a painful. I have never had a positive experience from beginning to end. Starting ATT dry DSL service at home was one of the worst experience ever. I work with many carriers throught the United States and would have to say ATT is one of the worst companies to work with.

I am not the only one that agrees: » ··· art.html

You don't have to defend the shit company you work for. Its just a job.

I use to do telemarketing in high school and I would never defend that at the time or now. Shit is shit.