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Iowa native
Springfield, MA
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I still have a landline

I still have a landline and I always will. One of the reasons is enhanced 911 (where the dispatcher can see the exact location of an emergency) along with the fact I have a security system that relies on dial tone and we also save our precious cell phone minutes (as my mother goes through her minutes pretty quickly, especially when I go up to Grandma's in Maine and she is at home in Massachusetts). I am in the process of switching the home phone back to Verizon wireline as I finally activated the alarm system and the Comcast Digital Voice can present problems for the alarm format that my panel is programed to use (which was confirmed on the DSLR Home Improvement forum).

It's a matter of not if but when the cable companies force us to buy expanded basic cable to buy their HSI. Won't be a problem for me as I have Digital Prefered for cable and HSI through Comcast. They charge an arm and a leg for their services in order to shove their triple play bundles down our throats. I liked the CDV until my power went out for three days last October and the CDV battery died a few hours later but the alarm panel lasted the whole time (which is why I am going back to traditional phone service instead of VoIP).
All of my CPE (including my EMTA) is customer owned. The only Comcast owned equipment in my house is the CableCards in the two TiVO boxes I own.