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Re: Makes the cable company happy

Verizon FIOS does the same thing but like cable, but worse. internet access only is very expensive $55 a month for the lowest tier

But when you bundle it with TV it drops to $35 and that's for the second teir 25/25, TV Costs $60 for the second rate plan Extreme HD.

The real kicker is at least for the first two years if you choose not to take the phone service the entire package is $10 more than if you take it because of all of the triple play savings, I figure their idea is that you take the home phone and then after your promotional savings are over your more inclined to keep the home phone service for $30 a month since you already have it.

Still I wanted both TV and Internet so I just took the phone to save $10 and it's a good deal for what I wanted.
I might just drop the phone after two years.


FIOS is amazing. Where else are you going to get a 25/25 connection? And their TV service is the best, so bundling it is no big deal.