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Raleigh, NC
reply to WarBuxX9

Re: [Config] Cisco 1921 problems communicating between VLANs

My Cisco 1921 EHWIC I have a 4 port switch. One of those switch ports is assigned the address...

Incorrect. The port does not have an address. If you attempt to enter an ip address for any of those ports, you'll get an error. You assigned an address to a VLAN that includes that port. (in fact, in your config, all vlans are active on all ports)


Livonia, MI

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I removed the zones totally. I should have done it earlier I understand that now but I am still having the same issue as before.

The interface GE0/1 has workstations that need to be able to see out to the vlans and the switches on the vlans. I can see workstations on the vlan but I cannot see the switches. I cant SSH/telnet and the switches dont seem to have the router in its arp table. When I ping from the switch to the routers interface it gets a response, the same goes for the other way. IE when I ping the switch from a router interface. I feel like its something stupid that I am missing.