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Re: CNOC R&V of CRTC 2011-703 and CRTC 2011-704

said by InvalidError:

The reason 3rd-party ISPs have a hard time growing their market share is that lower prices on a single service alone are insufficient to convince the average incumbent subscribers to switch... people like sticking to the devil they know.

I'll agree with this (as it relates to the cable world, and in Quebec only).

Eventually the kids will use up the allocated usage. When that time arrives they will either toss in free usage, offer a different plan w/ more usage at the same price or better so I don't leave, Or I would leave if the cost savings justifies it.

Also, I make a call and they are here fixing stuff or moving wires at no cost. With the likes of teksavvy or Ebox, it's a minimum of 48-hrs to even get a reply. Or like Teksavvy was doing, if you think you have a cable problem they tell you to go buy another 100$ modem to make sure. Then they try to push a 100$ maintenance fee on you and whatever other bullshit that never ends. You just aren't going to get the quality of service from a 3rd party. Ever (Bell aside).

Everything listed here, »/forum/teksavdirect,or here »Bell Canada Direct just doesn't exist in videotron land.

There is no justification in moving to a 3rd party for many. It will actually increase costs. 3rd party ISP's can't compete to this.

The 3rd party's main customers are those who:
Have no other choice,
Live in Ontario where Rogers is just as bad as Bell,
Have kids using hundreds of gigs of B/W,
Kids download their movies,
The poor (or those having troubles making ends meet) who can't afford TV and/or phone services and use the net instead.

I will even go further and say: if stats were compiled, I bet we would see the 3rd party crowd being in the range of 20's to mid 30's.

Even Teksavvy's targeted advertising is aimed at this specific targeted age group of people: »Re: Delivered Teksavvy flyers today + TSI Billboard seen in KW

If and when these 3rd parties start offering more maybe we will see a different target group jumping. But I don't think just reselling Bell-IPTV, like TSI planned on, is really differentiating themselves. They just come across as mini-Bells. Like Bell's lower cost Virgin brand and nothing more. A sort of mini-Bell retention department.