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Flintstone, MD
reply to Smith6612

[Interleave/Fastpath] Re: Need to switch between Interleave and FastPath? Part 2

OK, I put in a new line on a splitter from the outside box , then directly from there to the gateway, bypassing all the old inside line/connections. Here's the new data:

VPI: 0
VCI: 35
DSL Mode Setting: auto
DSL Negotiated Mode: G.DMT
Connection Status: showtime
Speed (down/up): 1184/448 kbps
ATM QoS class: UBR
Output Power (Downstream/Upstream): 11.9/7.6 dBm
Attainable Rate (Downstream/Upstream): 8896/1104 kbps
HEC Errors (Downstream/Upstream): 135/0
OCD Errors (Downstream/Upstream): 0/0
LCD Errors (Downstream/Upstream): 0/0
SNR Margin (Downstream/Upstream): 25.6/23.0 dB
Attenuation (Downstream/Upstream): 45.0/21.0 dB

So that has dropped the attenuation.

North Tonawanda, NY
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@beng1: Looking a lot better now. You should be good to go!

@ehsanafter: You're fine with those statistics. Typically when the changes take place the modem will report Fast, but sometimes it bugs out in getting that statistic. Seems to be mainly with Verizon's ADSL2+ DSLAMs. In this case, traceroutes are often the best check for FastPath vs. Interleaved

@MrFujoKicker: You're good. Plenty of room for higher speeds on that line too.

@rtfm8: Your stats look fine as well.

@WiseAzz1: As Jodokast mentioned, FastPath doesn't cause lag spikes unless your signal is marginal and the line is taking dumps as a result (but not fully disconnecting). This might not be the case, and the FastPath Statistic might also be getting mis-reported. For spikes, as mentioned most likely congestion somewhere or equipment not operating correctly. For FastPath vs. Interleaved? Traceroute in the morning hours will say the best.