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San Antonio, TX
reply to WarBuxX9

Re: [Config] Cisco 1921 problems communicating between VLANs

If your switch is not a layer 3 switch you will need to do all the intervlan routing at the router. Right now you only have 1 VLAN and that ip is the 192.168.101.x subnet. You will need to have a vlan interface for each vlan added on the switch (unless you are doing all the routing at the switch itself).

If you cant talk to the router and the switch from each other and vice-versa that means you are either using the wrong IPs (or wrong subnet) or the vlans are not configured properly.

What you need to do is remove the zone associations from the interfaces and get basic connectivity between your devices. You have been told this time and time again but it never happens.

The problem here is that you have an over-complicated configuration and you arent sure on exactly what you are doing (this is not bad as everyone starts out somewhere). Theres been good advice in all of your threads from various posters but alot of it seems to be ignored based off of each successive posting of your config.

On top of this, your config files seem to drastically change between postings and it proves hard to follow.

Sorry to be blunt and please dont take this as being rude because inflection and tone is often misread in text but whats been said is an honest depiction of the posts ive seen.

Your check list:

make sure your switch has the correct vlans
make sure the host machines ports are in the right vlan
make sure the trunk between your router and the switch allows all of said vlans
make sure that the vlan interfaces on the router are configured properly and up/up

THEN test connectivity and after it succeeds, start securing the interfaces and networks. This is to save you time and us a migraine.

With all that, I wish you luck. Let us know how it turns out.

Human beings, who are almost unique in having the ability to learn from the experience of others, are also remarkable for their apparent disinclination to do so. -Douglas Adams


Livonia, MI
It is a layer 3 switch and will be doing some of the routing itself. VLANS 5 and 100 will be on a separate switch that is not a layer 3 switch. I will add these to the config I just wanted to get VLAN 1 working first.

I know something is not configured properly thats why I am posting. The workstations on cannot see the switch at

I removed the zone associations. I dont know what you mean it never happens.

Unfortunately the overly complicated configuration is out of my hands. Your right there has been a lot of good advice on the threads. I dont feel I have ignored it. I reloaded the router instead of using their old config and I have a basic setup implemented without the firewall so I can setup the rest of the network.

The config files changed drastically because I took the advice of a previous poster and scrapped the config with a lot of un needed services configured for a earlier one with just 1 vlan configured.

Blunt is fine by me. I just want to get this up and running so I can forget about it. I have completed all the steps in your checklist but I am still experiencing the same problem as before.