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Denham Springs, LA

Best Alternative to Verizon 4g LTE in Baton Rouge Area

Hey everyone. I am giving up on Verizon 4g mobile internet (USB modem) and am wondering if anyone has any suggestions.

NOTE: Please do not provide advice about fixing/ troubleshooting the problem. I HAVE DONE IT ALL. I've replaced the device, tried it on different computers, used the antenna to try and prevent interference, and a half- dozen things that I probably left out.

If you're a Verizon lover and are already convinced that the problem is me, you are not going to convince me of that. I am convinced that this is a lost cause and I'm moving on, and would like advice about where to go next.

Baton Rouge, LA
Are you in Denham Springs or Baton Rouge ? At work we use ATT and Sprint. If you don't actually live in Baton Rouge you want to go ATT over Sprint. Sprint works OK for us in Baton Rouge but once you get in the surrounding areas it is spotty. ATT works OK in Baton Rouge, but in the surrounding areas it kicks ass. One person I work with in Denham springs gets 8 or 9 down there, but when he is at the office in Baton Rouge he only gets about 2 down. Also if you go down around the coast a lot Sprint is very spotty and ATT is pretty solid.
don't get 2 close 2 my fantasy


Denham Springs, LA

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I live in Denham Springs. I had great service with Verizon 3g, then made the switch to 4g. It's virtually impossible to stay connected.

Another persistent (and astonishing) problem is that the pages won't load even when the device manager says the device is connected!

I know that the problem is with Verizon. Just to be sure, I bought a 5 gig card for my old Virgin mobile USB modem. It was slow of course, but maintained a steady connection (unlike the Verizon 4g device).

In other words, a different device by a different company maintains a steady connection but is slow. Verizon has terrible connection.

And I need a 4g mobile internet device because I travel.

Verizon 4g has functioned very poorly in both Denham Springs and Baton Rouge.

And for the record, Verizon has provided outstanding service for me until I started trying to use their 4g usb modem. The fact that they were formerly such a good service is truly disappointing and it does add to the frustration.