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reply to 25139889

Re: Makes the cable company happy

said by 25139889:

It's not about what they charge for basic. It's about the extra fee they charge for not having TV.

And I have Buckeye. CMST does NOT charge $21 a month for not having TV with HSI. It's more like $10-12 extra. The same as TWC and the others.

What "extra fee" do they charge you for internet when you don't subscribe to TV?

Let me correct you. Internet service is about $54.95 a month. That is the price. That is how it's rate disclosed. That's the normal price of internet. If you subscribe (bundle) then you get a DISCOUNT.. say that with me.. "DISCOUNT" on internet service.

I never ceases to amaze me how everyone looks at the lowest printed price and believes anything above that is a penalty.

However, as you call it "a fee".. I have yet to, this day, ever see a line item that says "Non-TV subscriber FEE" on the bill.. do they? Is there a rate disclosure line item that says "Non-TV subscriber FEE"...?

I just can't get it in my head this society we live in where discounts are some how evil.