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Got Mouse?
Bristol, CT

Bundling is not evil...unless it is forced

To me, it is only the "forced" bundling that represents poor product choice.

I maintain a landline because cell service where I live (not all over-just near my place!) is sketchy at best. I recently moved from AT&T voice/dsl to Comcast voice/internet.

Why? For practically the same cost for a 6Mbps (5Mbps in reality) line and phone, I am getting a 15Mbps (24 with speedboost) line and phone... (we already get cable tv free through a bulk contract with my landlord in a large apartment complex)

In my area, the only way dsl can be competitive with cable is to be an absolute cost-leader...offering dsl to those who need a rock bottom good price. This is the one price tier where AT&T still holds a competitive edge. If AT&T mandates having POTS to get internet, that would destroy that option and make dsl truly obsolete.

PS - I am not talking about Uverse, though when we looked into their local offerings it was not that good a deal.
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