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Re: [Speed] Got my HSI rate increase notice, how slow is Economy

Netflix HD streams need about 3.5 mbps of bandwidth for playback. The SD streams usually max out between 1 mbps to about 2 mbps depending on the quality the media was originally encoded at. Amazon is fairly similar in terms of bandwidth use. The services are adaptive so they would select a lower bandwidth if you have a lower speed connection that the maximum. Economy Plus at 3 mbps would probably prevent you from watching HD streams.


Miami, FL

Let's not ignore that this isn't the content side of the company where programming costs from 3rd parties go up annually and Comcast has little to no control over these increases. The communications equipment for the HSI service is governed by Moore's Law and Comcast is getting more powerful technology for the same price or less than they would have paid in previous years.

It is clearly a competition issue as Comcast is charging what they can get away with, as they should, not what their customers would pay in a competitive market.

Schaumburg, IL

But you forget stuff like ESPN3 and other services that are tied to a specific ISP. Just like regular cable, more and more you are paying for 'channels' you never actually use.



Never used it but according to the FAQ on thier site, ESPN 3 is available through your tv provider not ISP.

How can I get access to all ESPN networks available on WatchESPN?
Online registration through your TV service provider is required in order to access content on all networks. Non-participating TV provider customers have access to ESPN3 programming online only at WatchESPN.com, as long as they subscribe to a participating high speed internet service provider. Click here for a list of participating video providers. Click here for a list of high speed internet providers.


ESPN has reached an agreement with Comcast to provide access to WatchESPN to XFINITY video subscribers.

Schaumburg, IL

ESPN3 (or whatever they call it now) is an ESPN streaming service that is only available if your ISP has made an agreement with them. That agreement basically means every subscriber is paying a bit just to allow access.


Miami, FL

I undertand but when I go to the website it asks who my TV provider is not my ISP.

So is it bundled with the TV or ISP?

Snohomish, WA
reply to ddrant

It's the TV provider, for many of us that's the same as our ISP, and most only offer that with higher end tv packages

Iowa native
Springfield, MA
·Verizon Broadban..
reply to ddrant

I also switched to Economy Plus since I broke my triple play (went to Verizon Wireline for home phone since CDV was an issue for my new alarm system) and I have to pay full price for services. I went from Extreme 50 ($99 per month) to Economy plus ($29 per month). I also downgraded my TV package to Digital Plus ($86 per month) plus the CableCards in my TiVO boxes and the HD Box that sits on top of my TiVo that provides OnDemand.

The Economy tier is not the fastest nor is it dial up. It is tolerable for what I use it for (Twitterbook, YouTube, online forums, e-mail, etc). If I need a faster connection, I can use my Verizon Wireless LTE card. Verizon Wireline has offered me DSL at the same speed for $10 more per month that I am paying for the landline but I think I am going to stay with Comcast as I would have to deal with wiring issues on the phone line and using filters and I would have to run a separate phone line to the bedroom as you can't put a DSL signal through an RJ31X jack (as the signal must pass through the alarm panel).

Going back to the CDV, if your alarm panel uses Contact ID for a signal format, you're toast when it comes to VoIP as any fluctuations in audio can render the signal (and the panel) useless.

As for the economy Internet, go for it. I really did not notice much difference at all. I did take out the EMTA (that I own) and I put my Motorola SBG 6120 back in. I used the self activation to transfer the service over. I get better signal strength with the Motorola than I did with the Arris (and it seems to perform better as well, even at the 3/768 speed).

Naples, FL
reply to C_Chipperson

said by C_Chipperson:

said by gar187er:

16% increase in a year, but before that the price NEVER increased....

I agree with gar, the price increase shouldn't have happened, because it never happened before.

He was saying it shouldn't have happened? I must have missed that part of his post?