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Henryetta, OK
reply to frankiej

Re: [Equipment] setup a small wisp

Wow. Okay. Well, good luck with your project man. Hope it works out for you.


reply to frankiej
just because we're not giving you the answers you want to hear does not mean we're not giving you answers.

either take the advice people here are giving you or don't. Everyone here has tried to get away with as little as possible at one point or another and they've learned from their mistakes. The easiest way is to take their advice the first time and do it right.


Siren, WI
reply to frankiej
I tried to warn you not to take that attitude, but since you refuse, you should go to another forum for hobbyists then. All of these people are trying to look out for your best interest, and you tell them to jack off? Nobody's going to help you with that attitude.

Here's the deal, many of us have experience with ISP's saying one thing and doing another. If you don't have it in writing (that you can distribute or resell the service) from the ISP, they COULD and probably WILL cut you off at some point. It doesn't matter that some sales rep may have said something different to get the commission.. You might be fine, but the people here are just trying to help make sure you don't end up getting screwed over. But that's fine, you don't have to believe us professionals who actually do this for a living.

And you obviously have no experience doing a large wi-fi network. Again, everyone here is trying to offer you suggestions about how to do it so it will actually work. In one post you say how you need it to work, and in the next you say you don't care how well it works. Again, the people here do this for a living, so don't waste our time asking for help designing a system and then bitch to us when it isn't what you wanted to hear.

And I agree with the comments above... Learn how to type somewhat professionally if you're going to post in a professional forum. If you want to type like this in some hobbyist forum with 13 year old kids doing this in their spare time, fine... But when you're dealing with professionals who are taking time out of their already busy and overloaded day to try to help someone like you, at least have the courtesy of not making us struggle to read what you're typing.

You've got a piss poor attitude, and you show no respect for those of us with more knowledge on this subject than you, so I don't expect you'll be getting any more help, and chances are a moderator will lock or delete this thread since it no longer serves any useful purpose here. I just hope you get a chance to read this before that happens.

Thanks for wasting our time.


reply to frankiej
I agree with Joe,Justin,Jim and some other ones please take the advice some some of these people they have helped me out alot and dont piss and moan about not getting the correct answers. They are trying to give you all the answers they can give since they are running there own WISP or ISP themsels FYI. Also I am start up WISP and it does take alots of time and it just dont happen over night or the weekend dude it takes time and understanding on RF and networking and what your doing to run a good WISP.

Like Joe said this thread will probably be locked or deleted here soon since the OP is trying to start a flaming war with other members on this board and to the OP we are just here to help for free help like we are giving take the advice we are giving if not PAY SOMEBODY TO HELP YOU SETUP YOUR NETWORK!!!!!