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Toledo, OH
reply to tmc8080

Re: next alternate reality shoe to drop

TWC is up Sprint's ass the same as the other MSOs. Who do you think powers their Digital phone product? Sprint. The stupid thing Sprint did was move to sue them. And since TWC and the others get their DIDs direct from Sprint (due to them being CHEAP) they can't really move with their long term contracts. And CV wanted T-Mobile due to the UMA/UTMS network of wifi calling; would make a great network partner for MNVO.

Video Guy


Not all. Cox has it's own switching infrastructure. They rolled circuit-switched voice in the late 1990s with DMS Switches just like the ones Bell uses. Later, they migrated to VoIP but using overlays onto those switches with new markets using a more pure VoIP solution. They have their own hardware, their own connections to the PSTN, 100% like an ILEC, no leasing anything from Sprint. The other MSOs partnered with Sprint to catch up (Comcast, TWC, etc.). Not sure if they are all still doing that today.