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Need a Portable Charger for GPS for flying

I am going on a trip but I will be sitting in Economy class were there will be no AC power supplies on a B747-400.
I want to take my GPS onboard (which I had done before and I used it AFTER taking off) but its only good for 1.5 hours without charging.

Is there like a portable charger which I can use to operate this thing during the whole entire flight?

There will be no AVOD (unlike on some aircraft) in which it has the real-time flight information GPS thing with the moving map. And I really wish to see the altitude and speed.

The GPS in question is AV8OR handheld and uses either a US supplied, European 220V, and UK standard plugs.
»www.sportys.com/pilotshop/produc ··· uct/8881

So I need a like a portable charger that can charge and have my GPS to operate for 11 hours. But there is no AC power outlets on economy seats...Thats the issue there in the first place...

I wanted to search for these, but have no real idea on what is the technical term for these gadgets.

I saw this on YouTube, but my notebook does not have that lightning bolt symbol on the USB ports.

»www.youtube.com/watch?v=dQXo_R0m ··· o_R0mtxE


Warner Robins, GA
»3gstore.com/product/2242_tekkeon ··· ack.html
»3gstore.com/product/1267_tekkeon ··· -10.html

Using the above two devices in combination should give you enough time. Remember to charge both before you travel.

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Katy, TX
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Will it run off 5V DC USB power??? or do you need 12VDC?
Will it run off a normal 5V DC usb port with no battery or dead battery?

If it can run off 5V DC then these would work »xengadget.com/products/212-yooba ··· mah.aspx
11,200 mah
»www.amazon.com/New-Trent-IMP100P ··· 07IMPTNQ
10,000 mah
...brought to you by Carl's Jr.

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If you are cool person with flight attendants they may usually allow you to leave your electronic device to charge in the back.
On my flight to Europe I charged my laptop 3 times like that.
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