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Lincroft, NJ
reply to telcodad

Re: [DTA] Motorola's High Definition Digital Transport Adapter

Our Comcast insider, "J Jefferson3," on another thread (»All Digital Now?) in this forum, just provided this update on what's the latest status of the HD-DTA roll-out:

[I made a few additions to his words in spots for clarity - I hope that is OK with him.]

"Comcast was promised that the FCC would have a decision by now, if the Limited Basic [channels] would be encrypted by now and that decision determines the difference in the security settings for each individual DTA for every individual region, and we need to know what the rules are so that when we are all-digital, which DTA's are set for [Digital] Starter [tier] and which ones are [set] for [just] Limited, so that people who should NOT be getting starter channels [won't get them] at the Limited price!!

That is why the engineers and supervisors want to do things only once and get it over with. It is because of this understanding that Comcast will only wait for so long, and then request [from the FCC] a blanket overall waiver [of its encryption rule], so that we can continue even if the FCC chickens out for the other cable systems and to make Boxee stop complaining!! Even in the worse case solution, with the under the table deal with the approval of the HD DTAs, we will probably have to get the HD DTAs out first with the waiver for that market, but not full in effect until 3 months after wide distribution, but even that is ok at least for me personally, but I think corporate would be a little pissed off though!!!

This decision only affects [the] Freedom Region because they were to be the first markets for the HD-DTAs, this does not affect me right now because the Central PA zone was not getting the HD-DTA's approval YET for this zone anyway, but are still be tested here, so that when they are deployed, it is my responsibility so see that they work!!! In fact, I/we [have] been making systems in My NEW zone all digital usually one system per week, did 3 already back-to-back-to-back with 3 more in 3 straight weeks, while locking in the May schedule, so I will continue not being here much!! Sorry but that how the Job goes!!!"