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Cleveland, OH
reply to alchav

Re: This will be a Win/Win for Verizon!

said by alchav:

Verizon doesn't want to spend more money on their Copper Plant, and probably their DSL Service is in the Red. So the options are try to at least break even and sell Land Line with DSL, or loose their DSL Customers and get rid of the Copper Plant. Verizon could probably make more money on selling the Copper on the open market then selling their DSL Service.

WTH??? Their DSL service isn't in the red. What is wrong with you? They paid off the lines and equipment eons ago. The only cost of providing service is maintenance, which is a pittance given Verizon's size.

What bothers Verizon is the margins involved. They're not high enough for the CEOs.


Saint George, UT
I worked and retired from a Telco, so I'm very familiar with all the cost involved. You say all the DSL Equipment and Copper Plant is paid for, that is correct but like you said it has to be maintained. That also means the Copper Plant has to be replaced were needed, and that is just about everywhere, Copper goes bad with time and it's very costly to replace. So the only reason they would add a Land Line to their DSL Service is to make up the cost. Like I said, if the people don't like the idea they will go somewhere else. Then Verizon could get rid of the Old DSL Equipment and Copper Plant, and only go with FiOS.