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North, VA
reply to fifty nine

Re: Portable Propane Generator Project- Complete!

said by fifty nine:

said by Jack_in_VA:

said by fifty nine:

We ran ours 24 hours a day during the last long term outage. 10 gallons in 24 hours. Not that bad.

10 x $4 = $40 per day. I would consider that very bad but justifiable.

I didn't see a need to run 24 hours while we were sleeping annoying the neighbors who also killed theirs around 11pm.

Still better than the EB5000X, if you had to run yours 24hrs you'd be burning through 15 - 18 gallons of gas in 24 hours or about $70 every 24 hours.

We didn't have to run it 24 hours but the luxury of having heat at night and the septic pump running and not backing up water in the tank was nice to have.

Generators have come a long way since I bought my EB5000X especially the features yours has. I can't see buying one large enough to run the heat pump and I don't have a sewer pump just a gravity septic system. Well pump is 1/2 HP and no problem.

I will say the EB5000X is one tough piece of equipment. When I throw the 4500 watt water on it steady load it handles it with no problem at all.

fifty nine

Sussex, NJ

Yeah the EB5000X is tough, but if you're not putting at least half load on it you're wasting gas.

I would take an EB5000 over a generac any day though.

I think that if I am doing a whole home generator I might get a diesel. Diesel fuel is one of the safest fuels to store and we can buy it from the local farm gas stations where it doesn't have the road tax (but has the red dye so you can't use it on road)

We are kind of stuck with using a septic pump but as long as we have an electric supply we are good.

Our well is 1/2 HP and 210' deep.

For a really long term outage we won't be running 24hrs. We'll just use it when we're home. With that I can get 10-12 hours on 4.5 gallons of gas which means about 4-5 gallons per day, which is about $15 per day.

We have a large fridge, freezer plus I have a smaller fridge in my home office.