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Barrington, NH

Extremely slow browsing, horrible ping to first hop.

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~11pm 4/7/12
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~2am 4/7/12
I recently moved to Barrington and never had metrocast before. At my rents place we had comcast which aside from some issue with CS when equipment failed I had no problems with speed or ping. In fact my rents modem is still "unlocked" in that they pay for 16mbps and get 30+mbps depending on the server.

Now on to my problem.

This is an intermittent issue that typically happens after 8pm but comes and goes at random. I have had this issue at 2am and at 2pm but it typically shows itself at night.

Basically the internet slows to a crawl (I feel like I'm on dialup). I checked my ping via ping plotter and I get horrible ping at the first hop (300+ms).

Someone who works for a different local telco company told me that it is extremely ODD that my first hop is because that IP is in the private address space.

My modem has very good download signal quality that typically hovers around 2dBmv and is currently 2.0dBmv. The upload signal is 37.x and is currently 37.7dBmv. The SNR is currently 40.3dB so i don't think the issue is with my modem.

Anyone have some insight here?

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Brierfield, AL
Usually when your first hop is that high, the upload on the modem is saturated. Even if the downstreams were saturated, your pings would be a little better than that, especially at 2am (most people are not up at that time).
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Barrington, NH
reply to tenpin784

Re: Extremely slow browsing, horrible ping to first hop.

I did notice that when I ran a speedtest to manchester (g4 commuunications) I was getting about 10 Mbps down and .14 Mbps on upload (I pay for 12 down and 1Mbps up). I have also noticed that this issue started whenever I actually have to load my bandwidth (either a download via HTTP or playing a game) or after a certain time in the evening.

Also Since 9pm tonight I have had a constant ping of over 300ms on the first hop regardless of whether I am even using the internet.

I don't download anything via p2p.

Resetting the modem solves this problem for all of 5 minutes.