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Wiring home for WOW Ultra TV

I am wiring my home for cable, and have an installation scheduled in a few weeks for WOW Ultra TV. All of the coax is being run in the walls and will all end up in the basement.

How should I have all the cables wired properly for Ultra TV? Should I have all the connections run to the spot where I want the Gateway? I noticed the gateway only has one coax connection, so is the gateway wired in series with the outlet connections that go to the media players? I'm assuming that the source is wired into a splitter with the media gateway AND media players connect to?

Any help on this would be appreciated!




Plymouth, MI

You only need 1 coax cable at the spot where the Gateway is installed. As long as the rest of the cables are connected with splitters along with the cable that feeds your house, it will work. A filter is placed on the incoming cable to prevent the signal band that the Gateway and Players use to communicate from leaving your house. This way, the Gateway does not need separate input and output coax lines. I chose to put mine in the central closet where all my wires terminate, but this isn't required.


Utica, MI
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Go ahead and wire the rooms in "home run" fashion, with all the wires commencing from a spot where you would typically find all the splitters. The final gateway placement doesn't really matter.


reply to MacSS

Great, thanks for the info! I just wanted to be safe rather than sorry.