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Miami, FL
reply to ZsExperiment

Re: [Bill] Random "non-recurring charges" of $255.36 o

What the heck? Who's running this company?

If a charge shows up on the bill, and the company cannot figure out what it was for, how insane can they be that they don't simply remove the charge?

$255.36 is a tiny drop in the bucket to a huge corporation like Comcast. The correct procedure is to remove the charge and apologize to the customer. What are they thinking?

This is what drives people to hate companies like Comcast. They refuse to employ common sense and provide good customer service. It should be impossible for a billing system to generate a charge without a code explaining what it's for.

Quakertown, PA

The person on the phone couldnt tell her what it was for. Could be a lot of reasons for that. Computer issues, department closed, many a reasons. Thats why you get transferred to someone that can tell you. Of course if people are off for the holiday or just off hours that cant happen. I dont really know of any company thats just going to remove 200.00 plus dollars because someone isnt in.

OBX 12 North

This has been going on for a couple of months. Previously, it was only on the online account page under unbilled activity. The customer service rep I asked about it a few weeks ago said it was just a clerical entry mistake and it would never actually show up on my bill. But this month it moved out of unbilled activity and it's listed as a non-recurring charge, making my bill total to over $510.

I've always been billed around $240 each month and have always paid the bill in full. No one I've spoken to at Comcast either before or now has any idea what the $255.36 is for. Yes, Comcast has totally messed up my bill and no one at Comcast either then or now has any idea what's going on.
Hmmmm... That worked last time...


Miami, FL

Precisely. At this point any sane company would just remove the charge. There's a word for charging customers without a valid reason, and that is fraud.

ZsExperiment, I suggest mentioning words like "Public Utilities Commission" in your conversations with customer service. If this does not help, report them. The PUC typically does not look kindly on fraud.

Edit: You might mention this in the Comcast Direct forum, too. The folks there seem to have lines to people far higher in the company than you can get to through normal support. It's worth a try!

See You On The Dark Side
Louisa, VA
reply to ZsExperiment

I hope you do call as suggested by spotted cat.

And call the corporate office NOT the 800 #

This number, 1 215 665-1700, should get the ball rolling for you.
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