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Manchester, NH

Fairpoint backhaul - three providers now?

I'm not expecting anyone from Fairpoint to actually post here, but...

I have been trying to figure out if Fairpoint replaced the backhaul to Verizon ( I am now thinking they have not replaced it, but brought online additional backhaul providers ( and

I believe they are doing some sort of load balancing across their providers.

Here's how I found it:

1. Do a traceroute to

2. Do a traceroute to

When I did the above test, the IP ending with 103 was sent through and the IP ending with 104 was sent through If you get the same provider for both traceroutes, change the IP ending from 103 to 101 and try again. Keep changing it down by one number until you see the other provider route your traffic.

Both of the above IPs belong to the "" server pool.

The "" provider was used to connect me to

Having multiple peering agreements and allowing us to have access to the three providers is a good improvement to the bandwidth starvation we have been subjected to.

Now the real question.. Is this going to be the long-term fix for Fairpoint or just until the peering agreement with Verizon ( expires?

Haven't hit yet, but going through the transit a few days ago felt like I was back on 28k dialup...going from ~2mb/s download to less than 6kb/s. is still going fast as intended.

reply to rcilink
Funny you should mention this, I just discovered something similar -

I'm seeing most US traffic going out over but if I check something in the UK, it still goes out over alternet. I would guess that they are routing their traffic based on peering costs.

At the same time, something is still not right with their routing as of last night and through this morning. I'm seeing oddities that I can't quite figure out yet.


Cogent is the crappiest bandwidth money can buy. This does not bode well for our network speeds going forward, unless the only websites you go to are hosted on _really cheap_ web hosting sites (at which point it will be staying on cogent the whole time)