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Carpentersville, IL
reply to ZsExperiment

Re: [Bill] Random "non-recurring charges" of $255.36 o

I know if I look at my physical paper Comcast bill, it is a few pages long. What you showed us was the summary section. If you look at your bill, it should show the breakdown of each of those "summaries" to show you exactly where that cost is coming from.

For example, the summary sections lists "Taxes, surcharges, fees" as $11.15. Somewhere on your bill it should list exactly how that is figured. I don't have my bill in front of me, but it would look something like this.

State Taxes: $5.12
Local Taxes: $0.54
Surcharge: $5.00
Federal Tax: $0.49
Total Taxes, Surcharges and Fees: $11.15

So, there would also be a section that breaks down your Recurring Charges. It is probably your different Cable TV package level, maybe Hi Speed Internet cost, a DVR, Cable box rental, Modem Rental, etc, etc, etc. All those items would then total $243.90. That should be listed somewhere on your bill.

Finally, there should also be a section on your bill that would also break down the Non-recurring charges.

Now, if you don't get a paper bill anymore, then I'm not sure. Maybe what people say about looking at the PDF file online would be the same thing. I know I still get the paper bill, and as I said, its at least 3 or 4 pages in length, and has everything detailed on what exactly each item of the summary section is.

--Brian Plencner

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