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Toronto, ON

Horrible customer service

I have been a mostly satisfied customer of Acanac for a few years. I was happy enough with the DSL service that I decided to use their VOIP service as well.

Last week I stopped receiving incoming calls. Outgoing calls work fine but incoming callers received a fast busy signal or, in the case of my cellphone, one beep and then a disconnect. I spent two days checking and rechecking the settings of my router/ATA (I hadn't changed anything with the settings that worked for over a year but by default I assumed it was a problem on my end). When no problem was found I started searching on Acanac's forums and elsewhere and found that numerous customers were having the same issue: apparently a routing issue with one of Acanac's service providers.

A week later my phone is still out (I should mention that with this problem voicemail doesn't work and it so happens that I'm waiting for callbacks from job applications, hence my concern). I've placed two separate tickets with tech support. To the first ticket the agent asked "is your ATA behind a router?" and then stopped responding to my follow-ups. To second ticket the agent asked me to document all of the calls that experienced this problem: how am I supposed to document calls that I can't receive? If the tech tried calling the number themselves they could experience the problem for themselves. It's like an Abbot and Costello routine.

So a once happy customer has been absolutely offended by Acanac's horrible customer service. What good is a service that works fine most of the time but goes out when it's most important and provides me with absolutely no confidence that it will be fixed? If I don't receive a fix soon--or even just some reassurance that issue is being acknowledged--I'm cancelling my service and going to the Better Business Bureau. If I had the choice to make again I'd stick with a more reputable provider, it's just not worth the time and stress that I have to put in when it stops working.

Toronto, ON

Account Info Request.


Trenton, ON

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Re: Horrible customer service

Please pm Fergless with the Account username, VoIP#, Ticket# and last 4#'s on your CC and he will have a look like he told you on the Acanac forum..