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Kailua, HI
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reply to airwavz

Re: In our State's defense...

said by airwavz:

...but that law didn't stop him from pointing that gun at me!

That had to be an awful experience, I'm glad you're among us today.
Sure, laws don't prevent all crime, I'm not sure why that's even mentioned but the law or more specifically the laws penalty would reasonably have had some role
in your eventual safety, I'd think anyway.
What about the next victim who unfortunately doesn't have the composure to react as you did?
What remedy would the "majority of our society" offer in the absence of law?

said by airwavz:

I personally believe the future of our democracy depends upon the power of 'each other' far more than the power of 'the law'.

That's not as futuristic as you may think it is.
The "majority of our society" could exist with minimal law.
It's a "small minority of society" that creates the need for law.