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QC, Canada

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Is internet slow tonight in Gatineau?

I'm with TekSavvy, but are any of you Videotron customers experiencing a slowdown tonight (I am getting between 3 and 6 Mbps on the 8/1 plan).

Here's a speed test from TSI:


Ebox 60Mbps

Gatineau, QC
Dans quel coin? Cest grand gatineau..


reply to ghostly57
I've had some problems lately on videotron TGV60. Not as much speed as much as it is intermittent packet loss though.

Like Skype calls messing up and game lag.


QC, Canada
reply to xcimo
said by xcimo:

Dans quel coin? Cest grand gatineau..

Near the intersection of La Vérendrye and De Cannes.


reply to ghostly57
Tu devrais poster dans le forum de TekSavvy aussi...
Un autre de Gatineau a fait un thread: »[Cable] Internet slow in Quebec?

Par contre, ça serait interessant de savoir si d'autre gens sur le câble avait des problème de vitesse hier soir.


Oui je suis vers Lavérendrye et Labrosse et j'ai connu des break dans la vitesse sur ma haute-vitesse hier soir.

Ouverture de page internet qui gèle, téléchargement plus lent que d'habitude, normalement je télécharge à 1 meg et hier c'était la vitesse moyenne était de 450k


reply to ghostly57
Gatineau had some sort of network failure 2 days ago that cut out both phone and internet in some area's. When it came back a couple of hours later it was off and on service. Lasted about 3 hrs total (plus or minus) that I noticed. But that's about all I know about it.


reply to jp_zer01
I'm in Dorion and since yesterday I've been getting intermittent slow speed. I'm using the TGV30. I usually download at around 3 MB/s and now I barely get 200 kB/s. I didn't change any settings on my router and I know enough about IT to know that the problem is not on my side.