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Re: [game] Newbie F11 Take 2

That's the catch. The longer a Lynch or Lose lasts, the easier it is to pinpoint the mafia. The votes that sat on modem (or vote, even with ekster's miscount), had me leaning towards him being town. Men's inactivity, coupled with the push on him, showed me he was most likely town. I was torn between you, KrisN, and Protus, but in the end, I figured you and KrisN. If it would have dragged on, or Men had more of an active role, I think one of the two of you would have been lynched. Most likely KrisN. Then you would have had to choose who to kill overnight (would have killed Modem, if I were you), and hope that you could convince the final party that Protus/Men was the other mafia.

As it turns out, you guys just flat out won. Men's inactivity, while beneficial for the town during the first 1/2 of the LoL, became quickly detrimental once Protus voted him.
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Dunga Bee
Put A Little Butter On It

I was sweating bullets waiting for KrisN to get online once PM voted for Meng.

I kept trying to drum up conversation to get things moving but with Meng totally MIA and Modem on to me, my options were really dwindling.

Thankfully Mose broke the deadlock. I was considering a vote on KrisN just to muddy the water.

I will not be able to play the "umm..how does this work" card next time which may have been my best weapon..lol