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cast sucks


make ESPN and disney channel premium

ESPN should be on it's own LIKE HBO.



And this has nothing to do with the cable company.

Every provider, Cable/FIOS/Uverse/DirecTV/Dish, must carry ESPN and Disney in their standard tiers in order to receive the channels at all.

Disney wants money from EVERY subscriber for ESPN and Disney Channel. They don't care who watches it, they don't have to. They force the bundling or you don't get the channels, and they go and advertise that your company sucks because you don't have the channels, but all these other providers do.

Why are the cable companies taking all of the blame for rate hikes when the content providers are hiking their rates too?

You can't change the pricing unless EVERY TV provider is ready to say no to Disney and others like them at EXACTLY the same time.

And you know how Disney and the others avoid that? They make sure contract renewals are all in different years or different quarters. So TWC can't drop Disney with DirecTV still under contract for a year, or TWC will lose customers to DirecTV and vice versa.

Until most of you realize this, which you fail to do every time cable rate hikes are talked about, a la carte is talked about, or a carriage dispute arises, nothing is going to happen to help the matter.

H Sapiens


said by skuv :

And this has nothing to do with the cable company.

That's industry apologist BS. The content producers have nothing without the distributors (Cable, Sat, etc.) but since there is no downside to just paying the ransom and forcing it onto consumers they're both giving each other the reach-around in private while they whine about each other in public.

If Cable/Sat really cared about this they would have told Disney to go pound sand years ago. Instead they are precisely half of the problem.


reply to skuv

Exactly. It's the content side of things. Even if ESPN was like HBO, because it is so mainstream, it would basically just be another rate hike, as it's one of the few big drivers of actually having cable in the first place.


Saratoga Springs, NY
reply to skuv

Good post.