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Trogglus normalus

Chicago, IL

Garbage Shows

Raising rates, but yet we get less programming.
TV is all cheap reality shows for morons, sports (which should be 100% optional), and cheesy movie reruns.
If all sports channels were on their own tier then we could save at least $10 to 20 off our bills.
Hell every new scifi show they make is lucky to last 1 season.

Cable is becomming less and less worth it every year.
It is good that neflix and amazon are looking into producing their own shows.


London, ON
And when there IS a good new show, it usually doesn't last more than a season. The US general population seems to prefer reality crap over anything with substance. Anything that requires more than 2 brain cells to watch gets cancelled.

Trogglus normalus

Chicago, IL
I think it is more that networks look at the expense of good shows and then look at the expensive of reality shows and then they make a choice on price not by what people want.

There were so many good scifi shows over the last 15 years that only lasted one season. If they are not going to finish out the stories then they should not even bother with 1 season that has no ending. I dont understand their reasoning for doing this.
Even when you have good shows like lost, instead of finishing the story they just screw it up with no real ending that makes sense to what the show was about.


reply to yabos
TV shows only exist as a way to get people to "watch" commercials--and all too many people will watch anything if it's free and has lots of bright, shiny lights with lots of noise... so reality TV is perfect for its target audience. The wasteland that is TV has simply become more vast with time, with nary an oasis in sight.