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what will happen....

The major carriers in the US will blacklist the imei/esn and companies such as ATT/Tmobile who currently dont really care will no longer let those phones be registered on there network, there for goodbye all those stolen, supposedly damaged beyond repair, or "reported lost" phones on craigslist, kijiji, and ebay.. but then again??? the smaller carriers Simple mobile, H2O, walmart mobile, straight talk will be only to greatful to allow them on there network as they are open to BYOD and due to that reason they may allow phones on with no IMEI checking. Anyone familiar with "flashing" knows you can have a "bad" esn EVO or Droid ( Sprint/Verizon) flashed and activated and in full use on Metropcs, boost, or cricket. So this may significantly slow down the rate of stolen phones but in no way will this stop it dead. Bottom line... " You can build a better mouse trap but the mouse will just get smarter."


Superior, WI

said by buddahbless:

So this may significantly slow down the rate of stolen phones

Thats probably the goal, and considering that newer smartphones are having their ESN and IMEI numbers embedded into their hardware, its getting ever more difficult to change them, and the amount of work to do it isnt worth it anymore, especially with the prices of new prepaid android based phones.

Look at it this way: All smaller carriers and resellers, with a few exceptions, run on one of the big 4s networks, so even if it only involved the big 4, its still 98% of the US market covered. Also, consider that it will be an easily accessible national database to ANY wireless carrier, and it will more than likely come with the stipulation that they MUST look and see if the phone is already listed there or not, which means that it would be really easy to integrate into any size carrier. It wont stop it dead, but it will slow it down a ton.