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[HN7000S] G25/93W Problems

Seems I am now on a Secondary frequency of 1254 as of early this morning. Speed is 'gone', with Hughes speedtests showing no better than 25 Kbps down...the uploads are fine. ... Here's the info from the SHM Montor. ... They also say that 'Flow Control' is ON, but Diagnostics show it being OFF. ... Stats look fine. ... Signal Strength also went down to the low 80's from usual 91. ... Wondering if anyone on G25 is experiencing similar problems. I will try to check back later...hope this posts.

Edit to add: Pings seem fine. Router address remained the same. ... Hughes Web Response tests are over 60 Seconds.

SHM Monitor
Network Time: TUE APR 10 19:25:31 2012
NOC Diversity : DISABLED (Not Configured)
Current NOC/Outroute : HOME/SECONDARY
Last Forced Cmd Status : NONE
Last NOC Switchover Reason: RX FAIL
-------------- ------------
NOC ID: 1 1
Satellite Channel Frequency: 12475 (x 100Khz) 12542 (x 100Khz)
Receive Symbol Rate: 24000000 Sps 10000000 Sps
Framing Mode: DVB-S2-ACM DVB-S2-ACM

Current State : NORMAL Spacelink Status : GOOD
Last SHM Reason : TX FAIL Rx Sync : True
Latest SQF : 81 Average SNR : 82
SQF Threshold : 1
Down Hold Time (sec) : 30 Up Hold Time (sec) : 0
Max Recov Time(sec) : 0
Mgmt Traf Check : Disabled Mgmt Ping Interval : 20
Pri Mgmt Traf Timeout: 300 Sec Mgmt Traf Timeout: 60
Accept Switchover Commands with NOC-Diversity Disabled: Disabled
Mgmt Traf Check State: Not Started
SQF Samples : 83 82 82 83 81

Tuner Monitor Statistics:
Tuner is Primary: NO
Lock lost on primary Rx: 0
Lock lost on secondary Rx: 0
Number of Rx switchovers: 0
Attempts to tune to primary Rx: 0
Attempts to tune to Secondary Rx: 0
Lock lost on primary Tx: 0
Lock lost on secondary Tx: 0
Attempts to tune to primary Tx: 0
Attempts to tune to Secondary Tx: 0
Transmitter not responding: 0
G25(93W)/1247H-H/SOHO/.98 2Wt/Gateway